If you've ever had a wheel built, you know that finding a really good wheel builder is very difficult, so I felt like I really needed to not only show off my new rebuilt wheel set but to also spotlight the bike shop that did it.

Doug Hamilton - the owner of Bikewise, in Oxford OH, really knows his stuff. He asked me a laundry list of important questions, such as; Where do you ride, how do you ride, are you more focused on weight or strength, and on and on...

He gave me a list of options (rim type, spoke type, nipples soldering, rim tape, etc) and their pros & cons. He really cares about repeat business and not how much he can get out of you.

I highly recommend you visit them for your next purchase or repair.

I'm absolutely amazed by the workmanship in this wheel set. Doug take everything that I said, including the trouble that I had previously and that I wanted bullet proof wheels; weight isn't a factor, so he went to work. The first rim that he ordered, it wasn't perfectly true, so he sent it back rather than "making it work" like some shops would do.

So on to the fun stuff...


Owner: Doug Hamilton
Uptown Oxford
9 N Beech St
Oxford, OH 45056

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Mon - Fri: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sat: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sun: Closed
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I could set this wheel on it's side and stand it without it getting damaged - Doug Hamilton

WTB Wheel Set with Shimano Hubs, SRAM Cassette & 203 Shimano Rotors

The parts replaced were:

  • The rear rim (WTB Asymmetrical i29)
  • DT Swiss Competition spokes (64 [Wrapped to overlapped spoke and soldered together])
  • DT spoke-head washers (Doug went on to say that the DT hubs have spoke hole that is wider than the spokes, so these brass washers form to the spoke head & prevent premature wear [this is the 1st time that I've seen washers used]. Like I said, he knows everything that there is about bikes)
  • DT Prolock nipples (soldered to spoke [I asked for this to ensure that I never need to mess with spokes again])
  •  Stan's rim tape
  • Rear hub rebuilt
  • Front hub re-packed

Like I said, basically everything was replaced but not overkill. I didn't want to sink a grand into the wheels. $307 + tax is a great price for the craftsmanship and the amount of work that he did to the wheels.

Wheelset Rebuild Receipt
Wheelset - Wrapped Soldered Spokes
Wheelset Hub Brass Washers

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