My experience with the 2016 Kona Precept 150 (AKA Weeble Wobble) is a bit of a rocky one. While my bike is a 2016, it had 1 season of rental already on it's shoulders. I bought my Kona after renting it for a couple of days from Keweenaw Adventure Rental, in Copper Harbor, Michigan. As a side note, if you have the opportunity to go there, I highly recommend the shop and the trails (There in my top 10 places to mountain bike. I'm writing a post of my rides in 2017, so stay tuned).

For full specs go to Kona's Page for the 2016 Kona Precept 150. The bike has 150mm (6") of travel in both front and rear and weighs in at 37 lbs. So lets start off with what I like and don't like about the bike:

 Pros  Cons
 Very Stable  Several components had to replaced (spokes, BB, crank, chain, cassette, shift cable and the dropper seat post)
 Price Tag - I bought it for $1650 shipped  Very heavy
 Suspension is pretty good for the price point  Little front heavy
The Maxxis High Rollers 2 are the best tires available.  
The Shimano brakes are solid with good grip and consistent even when hot.  
Summary - If I had to do it again, I would have spent the extra cash and bought a better bike.

Moving onto where the bike has been and who's been on it. I've taken it to several cross country style trails systems in my home state of Indiana with the most significant abuse from a 5' drop on a step-up pier drop that I built on my local Hayes Mountain Bike Trails. I've also taken it to Trestle Park in Colorado and Snowshoe in West Virginia. While the suspension handles single jumps quite well, it doesn't respond well to rough or quick changes to terrain (rocky or areas with a lot of roots) and the spokes are garbage. While at Trestle Park and Snowshoe, I had to tighten the spokes every time that I stopped; even after I had the local bike shop Loctite them. Luckily, I didn't have any incidents even though I had several flats.

What sets this bike apart from other bikes, at this price point, are the brakes. The Shimano brakes attached to the Shimano 203 rotors are solid with good grip and consistently good when barreling down the mountain side. Also, I cannot say enough good things about the Maxxis High Roller 2 tires; they are amazing! 

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps you in your next bike purchase. Don't forget to subscribe to get all of my latest posts.

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